A future-proof approach to Ed-Tech

The ten COVID months of 2020 saw more advances in Ed-Tech than the previous ten years.

As our programs are still running close to 100% online, the success of 2020 has allowed us and our platform partners to invest in improving engagement and learning transfer in our Enhanced Virtual Classrooms.

We have committed to one positive purpose as we ride the tiger of Ed-Tech development: This is not just a COVID solution – let’s use this as our catalyst to build great training methodology for the post-COVID world.

It’s important now than ever for businesses to ensure they’re investing in the right education and training providers who have adopted a complete digital solution into their programmes. Programmes that involve learning simulations, interactions and real-life scenarios that are focused on and adapted to the real world. Ones that take a technical approach into teaching and communication at a human level.

A Senior Graduate Training lead at one of Wall Street’s most prestigious firms described our digital programme as “life changing,” whilst a Global Early Careers lead at one of America’s leading banks said they were “thoughtful, well-executed training programmes.”

Our digital offering isn’t just a switch over from in-class to online. It’s one that has evolved over time with complex live simulations, online assessments and LMS-based bite-sized content that generates engagement. Our digital programmes weren’t designed to support businesses just through 2020, but beyond.

But we’re not stopping there. Soon, Alpha Development will be launching its debut e-learning platform that addresses the key challenges and roadblocks preventing learners from absorbing content. Some of these solutions include:

  • Learner motivation: Engaging and inspiring content that is exciting and effective. A mix of scenarios, assignments and videos give the learners the opportunity to immerse themselves in the subject matter, rather than just reading and clicking through.
  • Busy schedule of learners: We overcome this by ensuring that the e-learning courses are in bite-sized chunks (leveraging microlearning principles) that they can access whenever and wherever your learners are ready to learn. By doing this, we give learners the chance to acquire and retain information, thanks to the fact that they have a direct say in how much or how quickly they are exploring the content.
  • Accessibility: Not all the learners are going to have the latest and greatest tech gadgets, nor all learners are going to be “tech savvy”. The platform is intuitive, simplistic in design and is available on a wide range of devices and platforms, and that it is in fact easy to navigate.
  • Continuous support: Most e-learning courses offer no support for their learners and can be a lonely place to learn. Our new platform helps remedy this by offering social learning support tools such as ‘Ask and Expert’ for more complicated questions or concerns. The learning format also encourages peer to peer collaboration and an opportunity for individuals to contribute toward the content/course development roadmap.
  • Relevance and real-world implications: With traditional e-learning learners are not able to see the value or benefit of the eLearning course, and especially how the subject matter is going to help him/her in the real world of financial markets. To tackle this e-learning roadblock, we integrate scenarios and practical exercises that help the learner to see how they can apply the information they’ve learned to their respective roles.


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Our learning platform incorporates a blend of online learning activities and exercises taken directly from the real world to provide learners the opportunity to acquire and utilise knowledge in context.

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