Industries we serve

At Alpha Development we are passionate about the industries we serve.

All our consultants, programme managers and faculty have years of experience in the financial services sector, across the globe. Our world-leading expertise means that we are able to develop a close partnership with your business, and meet your people development needs.

We offer a broad range of industry specific training services and can create bespoke training solutions for the following sectors;

Investment Banking

Asset & Wealth Management

Retail & Corporate Banking


Sales and Trading | Research | Mergers & Acquisitions | Capital Markets & Financing | Valuations & Financial Modelling

The world of Investment Banking needs to integrate innovations driven by other functions: pre-work, post-work, simulations, morning meetings, study communities, dawn raids and client interaction.

To meet these demands we ensure that our course content and training is intense, focused, applied and streamed. We believe that learning-by-doing, using continuous scenario driven, market-aware, training is key to successful training outcomes in Investment banking.

To deliver this we take finance theory into the real world with real-time simulations and role-plays embedded every day, creating the ideal opportunity for rigorous assessment and development of your team members.

Partner with us and build innovative, dynamic, and successful teams.

Research | Portfolio Construction | Fund Management | Sales Distribution | Sales Leadership | Risk Management | Product and Services | Client Advisory

The Wealth Management industry is undergoing major change and your team need a fresh approach. A deep understanding of client relationship management, risk and compliance are now as essential as product knowledge for success in the industry.

Performance drives AUM (Asset Under Management) and this requires a drive towards research and performance excellence, technical know-how and the ability to contribute to distribution and client service across all functions.

Partnering with us will give you the support and structure that you need to drive performance and achieve your goals.

Relationship Management | Treasury | Products & Services | Branch Management

The Retail and Corporate banking sector relies on great product knowledge, and the ability to apply the products to your clients needs.

You need to be sure that your team have the tools and training to work with clients to apply your products professionally and with insight to your customer’s challenges.

Work with us to train your team to be experts in your sector and in customer care, driving results and real uplift in revenue and commercial success for you.

Insurance Broking | Claims | Life & Pensions| Underwriting | Personal Finance

We have developed our Insurance sector training programmes whilst partnering with a range of leading insurance solutions globally.

Our programs are targeted to support your employees at every level of the organisation. From managing and delivering an on-boarding program for over 300 individuals, to helping your underwriters improve on their negotiation skills.

With our experience and knowledge in the insurance sector, we guarantee demonstrable business results across your whole team.


Professional Services

Shared Services

Hedge Funds & Private Equity

Operations | Technology | Treasury and Finance | HR | Legal & Compliance

In the modern marketplace infrastructure functions are a company’s first line of defence, whilst also being expected to be commercial business enablers.

This complexity requires more stringent training, and the commercial pressure increases the risk to your business if these lack the experience needed.

Partnering with us, training your teams in customer support, commercial skills and upskilling your team is an investment not only in your people, but also in business success.

Accounting | Advisory | Advertising | Law | Management Consultancy | Property | Recruitment

We will work with your team, creating a partnership of development to grow the technical and professional skills of your team members. Developing these skills in your team will optimise the sale and provision of both intangible products and knowledge based services.

We do this by helping your teams to balance high productivity, personalised services and knowledge management. We will guide your team and build a culture of continuous learning.

Start transforming your team today.

Shared Service Centers (SSCs) | Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs) | Corporate Services

For companies looking to reduce costs, centralisation of business functions has been a trend in recent years. We have also seen businesses moving to locations with a lower cost base.

With emerging centres across Europe and Asia, our experts have created structured development programs to help us to shape and train service providers working in the financial services sector across the world.

Quants | Arbitrage | Execution | Modelling

We have an experienced team of experts from a wide range of fields to ensure that we have the capacity to support the complex and varied requirements of the Hedge Fund and Private equity sector.

Our experienced hedge Fund Managers, M&A deal makers and PhD quants ensure that we can partner with you to develop a programme of training and coaching that will give your business the support that you need to meet your unique business challenges.

Get in touch today and find out more.



Client & Partner Training


Capital Market Regulators | Central Banks | Finance Functions

With our depth of expertise, years of experience in training, and using our unique partnership strategy, we offer a broad range of training and development for Governments.

Whether creating a competency based curriculum, or helping you establish an internal leadership development program, we will work with you to deliver tailored courses that can address short term organisational challenges, or support an entire function achieve its long term development goals.

Work with us to create a solution based on the actual challenges you face, and partner with our experts to deliver the results you need.

Media | Telecoms | Retail & Wholesale | Manufacturing | Utilities & Infrastructure

To succeed as a Corporate, you need to be sure that your teams have the experience, training and ability to deliver success. Your team needs to understand funding opportunities, market research, risk management and assessment, cross border regulations, due-diligence, competitor analysis, and much more.

All this knowledge needs to be nurtured and coached. We will partner with your business to create learner-centred programs that ensure your teams have the hard and soft skills required to drive your business to success.

We have a strong and established track record of driving success in partnership with global corporations, whether that is supporting non-financial services managers to understand their role in driving strategy or developing sales functions.

Marketing | Sales | Client Services | Compliance

Enabling your clients to use your services better strengthens your relationships, reduces churn, increases revenue, brand integrity and delivers success in the long term.

At Alpha we have experience across the globe supporting numerous organisations from Asset Managers to FinTech providers to develop targeted, on-demand, innovative and cost-effective training programs that deliver results.

Work with us to better support your clients and build a better business.

Banking Technology | Application Development | Product Support | System & Process Consulting | Performance Engineering | System Automation

Drive revenue growth through our development programmes that combine economics, finance, technology, regulatory policy, strategy, and analysing your customer trends under the tutelage of our expert trainers. Working with us creates rounded teams that can problem solve and disrupt and improve old ways of working.

Our programmes are designed by experts in the fintech field from around the globe, and tailored to your unique business needs, setting KPIs to ensure value and success.

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