Christopher Goh

Business experience
Dr Christopher had some 25 years of hard-won experience in enterprise risk management and treasury – with a rare blend of Derivatives Trading, Wealth Advisory, Investment Banking, Credit Structuring, Governance-Risk-Compliance, Pricing and investment valuation. He is a professional with extensive experience professionally in, enterprise risk management, treasury trading on derivatives, exotic options, behavioural finance and structuring products servicing high net-worth, corporate and individual clients globally.

This included a number of start-up positions to build and manage growth business, winning team, profitable product and strong relationship.

He had worked for 6 different banks over some 25 years across 6 different cultures, business practices and management styles. This had given him a very deep knowledge in handling clients from diverse cultural background.

He had held the position of Chief Risk Officer (CRO) for Asia Pacific responsible for the setting up Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework and implement policy across 5 regional Asian countries.

Professional qualifications
PhD in Finance (UK)

Training history

Dr Christopher had conducted many in-house Master-class workshops for the past 18 years training international and central bankers/regulators as well as many non-finance senior and top management from various Asia regions.

Partners & Accreditations