Ken Kapner

Business experience
Ken has 14 years of experience with HSBC in their treasury and capital markets area where he traded a variety of instruments including interest rate derivatives, spot and forward FX, money markets, managed the balance sheet, sat on the Asset Liability Committee and was responsible for the overall treasury activities of the bank. During his HSBC tenure, Ken spent two years in Hong Kong where he headed up HSBC’s Global Treasury and Capital Markets Product training.

Professional qualifications
MBA in finance and has co-authored/co-edited seven books on derivatives including The Swaps Handbook and Understanding Swaps. Ken is a risk management advisor to a Mutual Fund’s Board of Trustees and an expert witness using knowledge of derivatives, trading and risk management.

Training history
Since 1997, Ken has designed, developed and delivered bespoke training courses for a variety of clients, including the industry’s most prestigious banks, many of the federal regulators, asset managers, insurance firms,rating agencies and support firms. His areas of expertise include derivative products, risk management, fixed income, FX and portfolio management

Partners & Accreditations