JOIN OUR WEBINAR: Quid Pro Quo – Repurposing the purpose of Graduate Programmes

WEBINAR: Quid Pro Quo – Repurposing The Purpose Of Graduate Programmes


Development of early talent is paramount to developing a sustainable workforce for the future.

But sometimes it seems stuck in the past.

We are thrilled to be hosting an event with Dr Jane Clark, Global Head of Service Development, AMS, who has recently undertaken some game-changing research as part of her PhD.

In the hour-long webinar, Jane will reveal the real value and impact that graduate programmes can have for organisations as well as the graduates themselves whom often get overlooked in the process.

During the interactive event, Jane will share three thought-provoking themes that came out of her research

  1. What’s the difference between the purpose and value of Graduate Development Programmes?
  2. How do Graduate Programmes impact the ‘EI’ in DEI?
  3. How do you measure the success of Graduate Programmes? And should you measure their success?

You’ll also be able to ask Jane questions within the live Q&A session.

Isn’t it time that the value of graduate recruitment is viewed from a different and fairer lens?

We are running 2 sessions on the 19th and 21st October. Please choose the session that works best with your time zone. We look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, 19th October 1pm GMT+1  JOIN THIS SESSION

Thursday, 21st October 8am GMT+1  JOIN THIS SESSION


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