Maximising your Apprenticeship Levy Fund

How can you make the most of your apprenticeship levy fund?


Our apprenticeship experts, Paul Fegan and Simon Matin, discuss how you can maximise your apprenticeship levy fund to support your employee development strategy.

In less than 20 minutes, you can discover how to access the levy to:

  • define and adapt a training strategy that enhances all areas of the business
  • support and upskill your internal employees
  • implement the levy as part of your CSR initiative, and more.


Watch the recording and find out how you can make the most of your apprenticeship levy. Use the webinar schedule to jump to the sections you want to hear about first, or click here for bite-sized videos.


Apprenticeship basics, Simon Matin: 0:17
Apprenticeship introduction, Paul Fegan: 2:00
Global Initiative: 2:35
Management Training: 5:12
Changing Workforce: 6:51
Graduate Training: 7:56
Apprenticeship Support: 10:28
Gift your Levy: 12:16
Retain Talent: 13:34
Close Skills Gaps: 15:54
Diversify the Workforce: 17:44
Summary: 19:13

Apprenticeship Training Solutions

If you’re interested in discovering more about our apprenticeship training programmes and how we can support your employee development, visit our dedicated Apprenticeship page or email [email protected] to arrange a call.

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