Apprenticeship Training

Alpha Development delivers training programmes that prepare your apprentices for the future.

We work directly with businesses and organisations to deliver tailored apprenticeship training programmes that are designed exclusively for the financial, professional and insurance sectors.

Our Apprenticeship Academies

Financial Services

L3 Compliance and Risk Officer
L3 Insurance Practitioner
L4 Investment Operations Specialist
L3 Senior Financial Services Customer Advisor
L6 Financial Services Professional

Digital/Data Science

L4 Business Analyst
L4 Data Analyst
L4 Cyber Security Technologist


L4 Associate Project Manager
L3 Team Leader or Supervisor
L4 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Practitioner
L5 Operations or Departmental Manager

Sales and Commercial

L4 Sales Executive
L4 Relationship Manager
L3 Sales Advisor

Consult and design

We believe the key to a successful apprenticeship programme is achieving an appropriate balance between knowledge-exchange, action and reflection, and alignment between the needs and wants of the individual and those of the organisation.

Drawing on your cultural, organisational and other dynamic perspectives, these short coaching sessions intertwine knowledge and practice.

Internal promotion support

We can work with you to market and promote upcoming programmes internally.

Our diverse experience in the training industry gives you access to a huge knowledge bank of expertise and skills.

Typically our team works in partnership with our clients by creating tailor-made campaigns that range from custom collateral to promote offerings, to building a communication strategy for the launch of a global initiative. Our marketing support enables you to benefit from having your own virtual marketing department. How we work together, what we work on and how much involvement we have is up to you.

Recruitment Service


Alpha can provide a free apprentice recruitment service to assist in finding the best talent for your organisation.

We will set up an initial discussion to establish exactly what you are looking for in terms of suitable candidates and the role(s) you are looking to fill. We will then list your vacancies using the “Find an Apprenticeship” platform (administered through the Digital Apprenticeship Service) and provide you with a shortlist of only those candidates who meet your criteria.

We will also advise on the recommended learner journey for the chosen candidate(s) and provide resources to support the apprentice(s) into the workplace.


Apprentice Recruitment Service – what we offer

Initial consultation

The initial discussion will explore the role(s) and consider what criteria you would like to set in terms of academic achievement, personal specification, transferable skills and discuss the appropriate programme(s).

Whether it’s one vacancy or a wider intake of multiple apprentices, we want to ensure we select candidates well suited to the role and organisation. This allows you to focus your time on interviewing candidates who have a good chance of filling your vacancy.


Advertise the role

The National Apprenticeship Service provides a “Find an Apprenticeship” service which is promoted by colleges and schools nationwide as the go-to place for applicants to explore and apply for roles.

This service is administered through the same Digital Apprenticeship Service dashboard as employers and training providers use to manage their existing funding and apprentices on programme. On your online dashboard you can grant Alpha permission to manage recruitment on your behalf. We will then list the vacancy for a minimum of 2 weeks or as long as required to get the necessary responses.


Screen the applicants

We will check over each application, rejecting any that are unsuitable. Any that we think fit your criteria will be sent across to you for consideration. Once a shortlist has been drawn up, we will put you in contact with the candidates for you to scree further and arrange interviews.

We will contact candidates who you do not want to take forward and let them down gently. We will also provide feedback and additional support to help candidates to succeed with their future applications.


Preemployment and Induction

Alpha are experts at supporting interns, graduates and apprentices to transition into a professional career. We can work with you to support your new hires in the lead-up to joining your organisation and during their initial first few weeks to make sure they are set up for success.

Let’s talk

A member of our expert team will be in touch to speak to you about how you can upskill and unlock the potential of the people within your organisation.

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Why Choose Us?

We’re a government-recognised provider of apprenticeship training and have remained a trusted partner in Early Careers Development and Leadership Development to several Fortune 500 firms across the globe.

Since 2003, we’ve been delivering end-to-end apprenticeship and management solutions, working with you to maximise the government funding available for your new and existing employees.

Our training solutions are designed exclusively for the financial, professional and insurance sectors to ensure each learner receives the training and knowledge they need to grow within the industry.

In 2020, we successfully delivered online training solutions to over 10,000 learners as efficiently as we would have if they were in class.

Why study with Alpha?

Innovation and creativity born from experience

We are thought leaders in instructional and learning journey design and holistic solution architects. We have extensive finance and investments experience combined with skills application to deliver performance improving results. We develop immersive learning environments that maximize time to productivity, support talent retention and added value to improving quality of hires.

Knowledge Exchange Evangelists

We are focused on mining the embedded organisational intellectual capital for the benefit of the next generation. We create and curate best in class practice gathered from our experience with the leading financial institutions. We design our programmes with the end in mind – what results are you trying to achieve with this intervention? What metrics will we set ourselves to achieve that?

Generation Proof

Quality and innovation, using current market and industry best practices, have made us a trusted partner in delivering dynamic and motivating training for the financial and capital markets. Our programmes are generation proof and responsive to evolving learner needs and styles. Our solutions use a multi-stakeholder engagement strategy that expands beyond relationships between the learner and learning provider. We create connections with managers, peers and the wider business to drive impactful return on investment..

From an extensive review of apprenticeship programmes across the country, we believe that a successful apprenticeship programme is dependant on the configuration of 6 key principles:

  • The programme should be concurrent and integrated
  • The programme should leverage work and life experience
  • The key to learning is thoughtful reflection

  • The programme should result in organisational transformation
  • The programme must be an interactive process and serve as a catalyst for change
  • Every aspect on the programme must facilitate learning

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