Team Leader

Ensuring that your managers are effective and impactful when leading their teams will drive value both through business success and retention.

We partner with you to create bespoke management training for your business, this programme aims to give your managers the skills that they need to succeed.

Key features of the programme:

  • 12-18 months long
  • Optional chartered management institute (CMI) qualification
  • The course will drive productivity and retention

Team Leader OVERVIEW

Who Is It For?

Anyone in a first line management role

Key Responsibilities May Include

  • Supporting, managing and developing team members
  • Managing projects
  • Planning and monitoring workloads and resources
  • Delivering operational plans and resolving problems
  • Building relationships internally and externally

Occupations May Include

  • Supervisor
  • Team Leader
  • Project Officer
  • Manager

The principles of management are
stunningly simple, yet so few get it right.




  • CMI Qualification- the workshops and assessments required to achieve the CMI Level 3 Diploma in the Principles of Management and Leadership
  • A bespoke Leadership Development Programme (LDP)
  • As an apprenticeship with 100% government funding
CMI QualificationBespoke LDPApprenticeship
8 Workshops
8 Written AssignmentsOptionalOptional
End Point Assignment
Skills CoachingOptional
Eligibiliy Criteria
Personal Development Plan
Online Portfolio
20% Dedicated Learning Time
Mentor Review MeetingsOptional

The CMI are the only chartered body dedicated to raising the standards of management and leadership. They offer Chartered Manager status and formal recognition of CPD.


This course has been designed for learners who want to develop or sharpen their professional edge and enhance personal effectiveness. It focuses on the ways organisations operate. The application of management and leadership approaches and how these can positively impact on own role, lead to improved performance, and support teams, colleagues and customers. This course can be accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and can form part of a programme to help delegates achieve the Level 3 Principles of Management and Leadership qualification.

  • How organisations operate
  • The role of management
  • The application of management and leadership approaches
  • What it takes to be an effective manager
  • Understand the purpose of daily work activities in the context of an organisation
  • Understand how to prioritise and set objectives for daily work activities
  • Know how to organise and allocate work
  • Understand how to monitor outcomes and respond to problems
  • Understand the role and purpose of teams
  • Be able to recognise the characteristics of a highperforming team
  • Know how to lead, communicate with and motivate a high performing team
  • Know how to respond to challenges when managing a team proactively
  • Know how to manage the performance of a team
  • Understand the importance of managing resources in your own area of responsibility
  • Understand the use of budgets in an organisation
  • Understand how to manage costs within a budget
  • Know how to monitor and control a budget in your own area of responsibility
  • Know the purpose of building stakeholder relationships
  • Understand different channel and types of communication used to build relationships with stakeholders
  • Know how to respond to barriers when communicating with stakeholders
  • Know how to use stakeholder communication
  • Understand the reasons for collecting data and information
  • Know the types and use of data and information used by organisations
  • Know how to manage data and information
  • Know how to interpret data and information and communicate findings
  • Understand the role and purpose of projects in an organisation
  • Understand how projects are developed
  • Know how to deliver a project
  • Know how to monitor progress to ensure successful project delivery
  • Understand the benefits of personal and professional development
  • Understand how personal and professional development is informed
  • Know how to identify opportunities for personal and professional development
  • Know how to create and monitor a personal and professional development plan

As a newly appointed manager I had no experience of managing a team. This course gave me the formal training I needed to motivate my colleagues so that we could collectively deliver against our corporate objectives.

I appreciate the investment my firm has made in my personal development. I felt supported and valued by being on this programme. It gave me the skills that I needed to be successful in my role.

Annotation 2020-04-22 113841

Achieving the CMI qualification was hugely satisfying. I am now on the path to becoming a Chartered Manager. This helps me demonstrate to my colleagues and peers that I am a professional in this field.

Annotation 2020-04-22 113852

Our managers benefited from being on this course. We saw a marked improvement in their morale and in staff retention as a result of investing in this programme.

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