Sales and Client Skills

Your firm’s success is dependant on the quality of their teams in charge of sales, relationships and distribution. We target 10-50 times ROI across all our sales courses. We seek to build tailored responses to our client’s requirements. Over the years clients have asked us to rationalise previous work into a menu of standardised capabilities, which you will find listed below. Click on each icon to learn more.


  • We are the only firm who focuses on sales skills purely for the financial service market.
  • Our entire sales faculty have all run sales desks at firms like yours.
  • Using self-awareness tools and psychometrics, we develop individuals’ self-belief and bring out their own unique, full potential.
  • Peer review and self-analysis.
  • Target your targets.
  • Sell your products.
  • Focus on developing more profitable relationships.
  • Targets per month/year/day/hour.
  • Optimise your team.
  • Consultancy on marketing materials and strategy.



Indicative Learning Outcomes

• You understand the terminology and concepts and are aware of any drivers supporting this activity.

• You can put this activity into practice.

• You can carry out this activity to the expected standard when straightforward, following advice and guidance as necessary.

• You know where to source guidance and information regarding this activity and use this confidently.

• You can identify when things are generally being done as they should and you can spot if things are not right.

• You can judge your own limits with regards to this activity and, if appropriate, who to defer to in the event of needing further advice.

Indicative Learning Outcomes

• You are knowledgeable on this subject and are capable of explaining it to a range of different audiences.

• You have extensive experience of this activity in both straightforward and complex situations.

• You can deal effectively with difficult or complex issues relating to this activity and both propose and evaluate alternative solutions.

• You can make decisions confidently regarding this activity.

• You can provide guidance, instruction and advice to others and may provide mentoring and/or coaching about this activity.

Indicative Learning Outcomes

• You have a detailed level of knowledge relating to the activity and its application in many and varied circumstances.

• You are able to share your knowledge with others and have done so on many occasions with a wide range of audiences.

• You can solve highly complex problems independently relating to this activity and may have set new related standards and industry benchmarks.

• You routinely provide authoritative guidance, instruction and advice to others.

• You may contribute to the development of industry policy, standards and guidelines relating to this activity.

• You may be called upon as an expert witness in relation to this activity.

• You may deliver training and education to others on this activity at all levels of competence.


Client Service Skills

  • Building Client Awareness
  • Panning for Nuggets: Strategic Customer Service Skills
  • Selling Your Ideas to Clients and Colleagues
  • Servicing The Internal Client
  • The Winning Margin: Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Sales & CRM

  • Level 1 Programs
  • Building Trust With Clients: The Confident Trusted Advisor
  • Delivering Your Ideas With Impact: Telephone and Voicemail Sales Skills
  • Developing and Managing Client Relationships
  • Effective Listening and Questioning Skills For Sales
  • Gaining Traction With Clients
  • Making Your Ideas Count – Live Client Calls Workshop
  • Practical Sales Skills Refresher Workshop
  • Presenting at Meetings – Client Presentations and Communication Skills
  • Prospecting and Cold Calling For New Business Sales
  • Relationships: The Unfair Sales Advantage
  • Report Writing Skills For Sales: Communicating The Spark
  • Sales Closing Skills: Actionable Closes and Follow Ups
  • Level 2 Programs
  • Building Teamwork in Sales Teams
  • Closing with Strength
  • Ideas Generation Skills For Sales Teams
  • Influential and Persuasive Communication in Sales Situations
  • Institutionalising Client Relationships
  • Making Impactful Sales Presentations
  • Managing Difficult Client Situations
  • Maximising Presence and Impact in Client Meetings
  • Negotiating the Win-Win In Sales Situations
  • Pitching For Success
  • Reading Body Language and Non-verbal Communication For Sales
  • Selling to Different Cultures
  • The Hidden Signposts: Selling With Social Style
  • Level 3 Programs
  • Team Development
  • Building Resilience and Sustainable Team Performance
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Recruitment and Interviewing Skills
  • Sales Management
  • Risk Management
  • Managing Remote Teams
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Motivation and Goal Setting

Partners & Accreditations