Team transformation in just six months: Case Study

During the global pandemic, we pivoted the training for one of UAE’s biggest banks. We successfully moved to virtual learning to help them achieve their business objective of team transformation in just six months.

With the rapid changes reshaping the banking business, our client needed support in staying ahead of the speed of change.


The Challenge

Our client needed to develop 26 internal Emirati employees for middle management and critical roles as part of their key Emiratisation initiatives as issued by the Central Bank.

They asked us to support team transformation within a space of six months, focusing on three primary objectives to help develop their employees. We needed to:

  • drive engagement and provide a shared direction and culture
  • build leadership capabilities to ensure success in implementing the bank transformation
  • enhance the participants’ skills in strategic implementation

“The challenge for the bank was finding the right training that aligned with their values. We don’t use a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our development programmes, so this allowed us to adapt and tailor them to our client’s requirements.”

Anesh Jagtiani, Commercial Director, Middle East.

The Solution

Our programme experts designed a six month Leadership Programme placing the client’s values, unique cultural characteristics and the customer-driven, commercial direction of the organisation at the heart of the solution.

We designed a programme that supported mid-level executives in understanding leadership dynamics by providing tools to create a clear commercial strategy and making them more aware of their potential.

“Working directly with our client was an essential part of understanding their business needs, and we were able to implement a strategy to enable long-term growth that allowed employees to enhance their skills moving forward.” – Anesh Jagtiani.

To ensure alignment with our clients’ overall transformation objectives, a Leadership Capabilities Framework formed the basis of our training solution. We also implemented a four-pillar model (Versatile leadership, commercial leadership, collaborative leadership and influential leadership), which tied into the organisation’s Leadership Capabilities.

Anesh Jagtiani

“We were able to implement a strategy to enable long-term growth that allowed employees to enhance their skills moving forward.”

Anesh Jagtiani.

The Impact

Our tailored program enabled the bank and its’ employees to develop their skills in line with the business values and objectives, giving participants the practical tools, techniques and insight to be strategic and resilient leaders.

We were able to apply a six month team transform to capable leaders with a broadened perspective and a greater understanding of strategic thinking and decision-making. Our comprehensive analytics and in-depth assessments also supported senior stakeholders in making informed decisions about which participants were ready to move up the organisational ladder.

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