Oliver Williams

Oliver is the Head of Financial Markets at Alpha.

Business experience

Oliver traded fixed income derivatives at JPMorgan and Credit Suisse from 1994 to 2004, as well as being active in structuring, marketing and client educational events – all in the fixed income derivatives world. He brings a detailed practitioner’s familiarity with fixed income and FX derivatives trading strategies and risk management. He is particularly experienced at designing quantitative trading strategies for clients, and for the firm’s own book, and has developed various computer models to identify relative-value trading opportunities.

Since 2004 he has worked as a consultant to many banks, brokers and asset managers, both as a financial trainer, and also developing trading tools. In 2010 he co-founded Statim Ltd, an FSA-authorised trading advisory firm which advises hedge funds and other clients in quantitative trading strategies across all asset classes.

Professional qualifications
In addition to his MPhil and PhD in financial economics, he holds an MA in Computer Science and Management, all from Cambridge University, where he also lectures in economics, statistics and trading game theory to master’s students.

He has co-authored several published papers and book chapters on applied statistics, derivatives pricing and financial economics and is the co-inventor of a UK software patent in the field of network analytics.

Training history
Oliver has been a fixed income derivatives trainer since 2004, as well as many years of client education work while at JPMorgan and Credit Suisse. He is well known for bringing his practitioner’s experience into the training room, leaving the participants with practical insights which they can action as soon as they are back at the desk. Oliver has trained front office participants across the developed and developing markets.

Partners & Accreditations