Commercial Partners

We build long term partnerships

We have developed successful strategic partnerships at global, regional and local levels.

Our mutual relationships are built upon shared principles as well as a shared vision and goals.

Above all, we work with our partners to ensure that our focus is on driving long-term benefits and value for our finance professionals.

Altamayyuz Academy

The Altamayyuz Academy is a finance school based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its mission is to create world-class financial graduates with the knowledge and skills to future-proof the Kingdom’s financial industry and economy.

Alpha has been chosen as a global partner to support their fast-paced and immersive learning framework.

Together with Altamayyuz we will support the development of future leaders and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 roadmap to create a stronger, diversified and innovative nation, for the benefit of future generations.

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Alpha is a partner to Cornerstone OnDemand for financial elearning.

Our growing Ability+ elearning library is available for all customers of Cornerstone OnDemand’s Content Anytime subscription.

We cover all key aspects of financial markets and adding hot topics like ESG and Data Analysis every quarter, the Ability+ library works in partnership with ILT programmes or as an approachable standalone learning experience.

The Alpha Ability micro-learning approach promotes training efficacy by putting the learner in control whilst minimising learning fatigue and maximises skills transfer with the ultimate goal of boosting your return on your training investment.

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HowNow is one of the fastest-growing Learning and Skills Platforms in Europe. Loved by 10,000+ users and teams who put their people first, including Marshmallow,, Investec, Depop and Mercer and many more.

Make meaningful learning a part of everyday work. Everything you need to bring relevant learning, skills and knowledge to every employee in the flow of work, and track all your L&D in one place. Feels like magic, powered by AI.

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XD Academy

XD Academy is the world’s first Web3 crypto learning and certification platform.

In response to demand from our corporate clients, our range of DeFi Learning programmes, designed in partnership with XD Academy, cover an introduction to DeFi and crypto assets, crypto market structure, crypto trading, crypto risks, crypto regulation, and crypto evolution.


We are dedicated to delivering training solutions of the highest quality, supported by the best levels of service and efficiency. We have a meticulous attention to detail and take pride in everything we do.

As a team, we are always learning, innovating, evolving and improving. Put simply, we’re on a journey for perfection. It’s an ethos that has become the very heart of everything we do.

From products to processes, or even our sustainability, our culture embraces continuous improvement.

We are very proud to have achieved these prestigious accreditations and feel they show our ethical and moral dedication to operate in the best way, not because we are told to, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Here are some of the accreditations we have achieved so far.

Our broad and varied commercial partnership network exists to serve our learning community across the globe and develop the careers of finance professionals through the power of learning.

Alpha commercial partners

Our commercial partnership network exists to serve our learning community across the globe and develop the careers of finance professionals through the power of learning.

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