Sales and Client Relationship Skills

Get The Competitive Advantage in Financial Services

Our Sales and Client Relationship Skills curriculum will empower your team to:
  • Build strong client relationships
  • Stand out in the market
  • Increase client loyalty
We’ve tapped into our extensive experience in financial services to identify the key sales and client relationship skills that boost revenue and client loyalty.

Alongside our industry expertise, our variety of courses and models will help your teams develop the essential behaviours that will strengthen your competitive advantage.


Our unique approach combines deep expertise in sales and client relationship skills with extensive experience in the financial services sector, resulting in the creation of more relevant and practical training.

Unlike many models designed for tangible products, our science-backed models excel in the intangible value realm of financial services. We actively collaborate with top business schools to ensure a robust data foundation.

What makes us different is our exclusive focus on the financial sector, where we offer specialised training in private banking, transaction banking, asset management, global markets, and commercial banking – making us the only provider dedicated solely to this industry.


Our Solutions Address the Competitive Challenges in Financial Services

Creating competitive advantage in the financial services marketplace is challenging because:

Clients issuing RFPs and tenders, result in the same requirement being given to several potential suppliers. As all potential suppliers are answering the same requirement then all their proposals look the same with the only difference being price.

When selling tangible goods, you can engage multiple senses. With financial selling, only hearing is engaged. This makes it challenging to create a strong attraction response from clients. When no solution stands out to clients there can be a feeling that all competing solutions are fundamentally the same.

How do you build differentiation in an industry where you are viewed as the same as each other, you can’t try before you buy, and all that looks different from the outside is your logo?  

Finance deals with the future, and unlike tangible products, you can’t easily demonstrate its functionality. In this industry, the competitive advantage primarily lies with relationship managers, financial advisors, and client service managers who create value through their interactions. This value is crafted through various skills such as empathy, listening, summarising, diagnosing, and more. These skills are teachable and learnable.

At Alpha, we refer to these skills as ‘Advisory Skills’.

Create Your Value in a Competitive Marketplace

Our curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of the modern banking environment. The list of courses are below:

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