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Customised virtual training and competence courses for graduate development and leadership in financial and professional services.

Alpha Ability+ gives your employees a more effective learning experience with flexible and adaptable learning that’s tailored to their ability and areas of development.

Our elearning library has been built from the ground up in the last two years – all the material is fresh, up-to-date and structured to maximise engagement while minimising cognitive load.

With over 300 elearning modules to choose from, learners benefit from a range of both technical and professional skills, including accounting, data science, ESG, presentation skills, communication and project management.

Overcoming Learning Barriers

Alpha Ability+ addresses some of the key challenges that prevent learners from absorbing content. We understand that there’s a limit to a learner’s ability when it comes to processing new information. With this in mind, our elearning platform has been designed to:

  • reduce a learner’s cognitive load
  • put the learner in control
  • encourage active participation, and
  • focus on each individual’s strengths and areas of development through targeted learning.

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Through the following features, learners can overcome challenges including learner motivation, time restraints and accessibility.

Learner Motivation

Learners can engage and immerse themselves in the subject matter through a mix of scenarios, assignments and videos.

Bite-sized learning

Learners can access bite-sized e-learning courses (leveraging micro-learning) wherever and whenever they want.

Accessibility and ease

The intuitive and simplistic design is available on a wide range of devices and platforms and are easy to navigate.

Continuous support

Social learning aid tools such as ‘Ask an Expert’ gives learners additional support for complicated questions or concerns.

Real-world implications

Scenarios and exercises help learners apply what they’ve learned into their roles, so they can see the value of the course.

One of the best Accounting training courses I’ve done. I love the Excel exercise files.
Graduate at an investment holding company Singapore

Ease of learning

  • Bite-sized videos: lessons by ex-industry practitioners
  • Exercises: financial services relevant exercises, scenarios and assignments that support learning application
  • Quizzes: quick knowledge checks to support a personalised learning experience

  • Discussion forum: peer collaboration activities and tools that support group thinking and learning
  • Ask an expert: a forum for learners to raise questions and connect with a global network of subject matter experts
  • Digital badges: leveraging the world’s largest digital credential network provides learners with verified transferable credentials and creates a culture of recognition

Wow, you really exceeded our expectations. You were able to deliver on what you promised, and more.
Director of Organisation and Talent at an investment holding company Singapore
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