Leadership Development

In house and virtual training courses on leadership, management skills and development.

Leadership starts from day one of an individual’s career and is not limited to those with titles and rank in an organisation.

Many programmes are failing to deliver because of a disconnect between the day-to-day operating environment of the learner. As practitioners with years of experience in financial and professional services firms, we have been there and done the job, in organisations just like yours.

We are challenging yesterday’s approach to leadership development, focusing on leading within the new working environment and the different impacts it can have on an organisation.

By unlocking the leaders within your talent, you will promote new ways of thinking that enable your leaders to tackle tomorrow’s complexity and ambiguity, to drive your business forward.

Leadership development approaches


Our versatile learning modules provide an alternative approach: our leadership development programmes are pre-designed with partially adapted modules which are connected to create one holistic leadership learning journey that supports the various stages of an employee’s career in your organisation.

Modular training for early careers

Modular Learning Pods

Our modular pods are like building using Lego blocks: we build versatile learning modules which are integrated and slotted together with customised learning sessions unique to you and which follow the strategic direction of your leadership development needs.


Contextual and relevant

At the heart of our development approach lies our 3Cs methodology of Challenge, Create and Change:

  • Challenge existing ways of doing things.
  • Create a mindset for growth and innovation.
  • Change behaviours that build confidence.
Our team of Leadership Associates understand the complexity of leading within highly regulated environments and the need to positively impact individual and organisational goals. Our leadership development programmes are built exclusively by a team of ex-industry, heads of leadership development and executive coaches, in partnership with global financial institutions.

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We use a variety of methods and tools to build cohesive learning experiences that are learner-oriented and focused on outcomes and holistic in approach.

  • A case-based learning approach.
  • Pre- and post-work to embed learning into practice.
  • Learning journals that encourage habits of self-reflection.
  • Practical hands-on role-plays and coaching circles.
  • Performance analytics to analyse your opportunities for development.

  • Psychometric tools.
  • Management workouts/exercises that support the development of atomic habits.
  • Coaching (peer, group and individual).
  • Modular learning pods that are integrated in the flow of work.
  • Award winning hosted platforms that provide a cohesive online and offline learning experience.


The impact that managers have on their teams and direct reports is huge, not to mention the role they play as ambassadors for an organisation’s values.

Some of the more recent problem statements we have helped our clients with include:

Make difficult decisions

“We have a dispersed management workforce across the globe, so performance management is inconsistent.”

Develop the next generation

“How can we assess and develop a pipeline of women in leadership roles across the bank?”

Guide change

“We want employees to overcome their fear of change and what-ifs.”

Build resilience

“Work is infinite, there is always something to solve, and I don’t know when to switch off.”

Manage people and resources

“The team is part of a matrix and opportunities have arisen to develop collaboration across global teams.”

Embrace and manage conflict

“We want people to step up to conflicts and settle disputes equitably.”

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