Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Career Development Programmes - virtual or in-person workshops

Within the current learning and development landscape there is a clear trend: businesses are moving away from complex programmes and pathways to a modular approach of short, sharp focused training initiatives.

The increase in virtual offerings triggered by Covid, combined with the time limitations of your busy professionals, means that comprehensive and bespoke continuing professional development pathways are in decline, while modular training is on the rise. In other words, the CPD industry is becoming productised.

At Alpha Development we respond to market trends and listen carefully to the needs of our client. We specialise in the design, development and delivery of training solutions and experiences.

We offer a range of productised CPD training modules called Learning Pods. They have been developed in partnership with global institutions that allow our clients to react quickly and efficiently to changing market demands.

Our Learning Pods are versatile in design and can be delivered as virtual training or as short in person workshops. All approaches can be mixed and matched and integrated into your development needs.

Our CPD Learning Pods are like Lego blocks.

The object you are building symbolises your development needs. The blocks, in the form of learning modules, build to form an experience unique to you.

Each construct is client-specific and the advantage of this approach is that it provides you with a cost-efficient, vigorous and proven way of creating continuing professional development programmes for your employees.

Key Learning Domains

Financial Training

A fresh approach and a deep understanding of the client, relationship management, risk and compliance is as essential as product knowledge for success in the financial services industry today..

Our real-time simulations, self- and group-directed learning-by-doing activities bring finance theory to life. From introductory to PhD/Quant level, all areas of finance are covered by experienced industry practitioners.

Financial Technology and Data Science

Alpha’s broad expertise will contribute towards your growth through the provision of CPD programmes. We combine economics, finance, data, technology, regulatory policy, strategy with your unique customer trends.

Our programmes incorporate the drivers and constraints that face providers, and highlight opportunities for disrupting and improving old ways of working.

Future Skills

In an environment of ongoing change, skills that create adaptive learners who are future-proofed for success need to be learned to ensure your talent thrives as individuals.

The Alpha ‘meta-skills’ programmes help organisations develop their capacity to focus on the challenge of creativity and innovation. We equip your talent with the mindset and skillsets needed to thrive in an environment where the only constant is change.

Personal Effectiveness

Personal effectiveness is a driver of business success. We help individuals understand the importance of what happens inside them, rather than what happens to them. They learn to respond to various real-life workplace situations via the control of their intentions, thoughts and actions.

Our 3-stage methodology of: Challenge, Create and Change ensures maximum understanding and application of learning.


We promote a mindset of taking ownership for one’s own career and development path.

Intertwining leadership skills and business knowledge, we develop personal leadership awareness and help accelerate the level of performance of emerging talents. By training through crucial promotion criteria, we prepare candidates for their next-level promotion. Our sole aim is to develop, and help you retain your future leaders.

Sales and Client Service

Across our sales courses our clients achieve between 10-50 x ROI.

Within banking, finance and insurance, the quality of sales, relationship management and client service is paramount. Our programmes support these highly differentiated sales and relationship cycles. Whether the focus is net new money, tighter credit controls, building stronger relationships or off-boarding inefficient ones, our training is a profit centre for you.

The team are so friendly and pleasant to work with, everyone is very professional and keen to help us. Building a relationship over the past couple of years helps us to feel like the Alpha team are even more able to understand our needs and provide more proactive solutions.
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