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Within the current financial services learning and development landscape there is a clear appetite for modular, focused training initiatives for Corporate Continuing Education and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Learning Solutions that span the breadth of financial professionals’ careers.

Our Learning Solutions address the prevalent knowledge gaps resulting from shorter induction cycles, ensuring financial services professionals are well-equipped to handle industry challenges from day one. And, whilst the fast-evolving landscape of the financial services industry offers new opportunities, it creates the challenge of having to continuously address knowledge gaps to ensure experienced professionals remain updated and relevant.

Your Challenges


Bullet point about employee induction cycle training coverage reductions necessitating continued educationInduction Cycles Reducing in Length and Depth: Supporting new-hires entering their roles with knowledge gaps and accelerating time to productivity

Bullet point about the cross-generational manager and employee relationship challenge the can be that can be taught out with coninued education trainingBridging the Exception Gap: Providing tools and skills to navigate cross-generational relationships between new-hires and managers

Bullet point about the efficiency challenge due to budget constraintsBudget Constraints: Creating an opportunity to innovate and achieve more with less, especially in the realm of professional development

Bullet point about reskilling, upskilling or redeploying existing employees through continued education for continuity and retentionReskilling and Redeployment: Highlighting the need to address knowledge gaps and ensure experienced professional remain updated and relevant

Bullet point about the importance of limiting time away from the desk but delivering impactful continued educationLimited Time Away from Desk: Delivering concise, impactful training that can be seamlessly integrated into busy routines is more crucial than ever  

We’re revolutionising continuing professional development (CPD) within financial services.

Our Learning Sprints present an innovative learning platform for corporate education, offering over 1200 hours of content across a diverse range of topics. By addressing critical pain points, we ensure that professionals are not only equipped with the necessary skills but are also prepared to navigate the challenges of the modern financial landscape with confidence.

Whether you’re delving into the core of applied financial knowledge, honing your self-leadership skills, navigating the commercial intricacies of client conversations, or gearing up for the technological future, our focused webinars cater to every facet of professional development.

Our CPD content spans varying levels of complexity, from foundational concepts to advanced strategies. Financial services professionals at all stages of their career can benefit.

People group focussed on continued education and CDP

Solution Overview

Applied Financial Knowledge: Deep dives across all asset classes and functions, including Sales and Training, Corporate Finance, Investment and Wealth Management, Risk, Operations, ESG and more

Interactive Exercises: Engaging hands-on activities and group discussions that enhance retention and application of financial knowledge

Expert Facilitators: Access to industry insights and best practices from seasoned professionals, ensuring participants receive up-to-date and relevant information

Diverse Topics: Comprehensive coverage of essential skills across technical, commercial, personal effectiveness, and future trends

Flexible Scheduling: Multiple time slots cater to global participants, ensuring that training fits seamlessly into professionals’ busy schedules

Post-Session Resources: Continuous learning opportunities through access to sessions recordings and supplementary materials

Feedback Mechanism: Regular improvements based on participant feedback ensure the webinars remain relevant, effective and aligned with industry needs.

Certifications: Recognised proof of participation and skill acquisition, enhancing professionals’ credentials and marketability 

The Learning Blocks

ICON for applied financial knowledge continued education

Applied Financial Knowledge

Deep dive into the core of financial services industry.

Sample topics include Asset Classes, Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Economics, Financial Maths, Excel for Finance, Risk, Operations, ESG and much more, ensuring professionals have a solid foundation the essential concepts and practices.

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ICON for personal effectiveness and leadership continued education

Personal Effectiveness and Leadership (Metaskills)

Beyond technical know-how, success in finance demands strong personal skills.

Our webinars cover a wide range of topics aligned to emotional, social and cognitive intelligence development, empowering professionals to lead with confidence and efficiency.

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ICON for commercial and client skills continued education

Commercial and Client Service Skills

Navigate the commercial aspects of finance with ease.

Topics such as Negotiations, Sales Techniques for Financial Products, and Services Excellence equip professionals to drive business growth and profitability.

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ICON for Applied Future and Technology Skills continued education

Applied Future and Technology Skills

Stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry

With sessions on Applied Data Analytics, Python, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and much more, professionals are prepared to harness the power of technology and anticipate future trends.

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What sets our Continuing Professional Development apart

  • Cost effective solutions that fit seamlessly into your budget

  • Flexibility to accommodate demanding schedules, minimising disruptions

  • Expert trainers with a deep understanding of the financial services sector

  • Cutting-edge curriculum to ensure your team stays ahead of the competition

People group focused on continued education and CPD

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