Communicating with Impact

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Communicating with Impact is a practical session focusing on equipping participants with practical tools for communicating with confidence and certainty with stakeholders, external clients and internal colleagues.

We address the fact that understanding the nuts-and-bolts of how communication works is not enough: we need to learn to flex to others’ preferred communication styles in order to be impactful.​

Course Content

Why does “communication” matter?​

  • Disseminating information and building trust
  • Identify the upsides when it goes right and the business and personal cost when it doesn’t
  • Identify what you already do well, what could you do better?​ ​

The behaviours of skilled communicators​ identify role models

  • Be specific about the behaviours that these excellent communicators demonstrate (visual, verbal, vocal)

The importance of listening actively​

  • Experience listening actively, and being actively listened to, when the content matters. Including giving and receiving feedback on your active listening
  • The science: oxytocin

How to flex your communication to others​

  • Rapport: mirroring, matching (visual, verbal, vocal)
  • Identifying others’ personal preferences e.g. introversion/extraversion, and understanding ways to flex

Course Approach


  • The pre-conception that good communicators are born, not made


  • An action plan for building a personalised communication skills toolkit which combines empathy and flexibility, allowing you to build trust and credibility


  • Start with small experiments within this session and note down the results

Embedding Success

Post programme activities to support the transfer of learning and building of habits.​

  • CHALLENGE.​ Identify 1 person with whom you are currently struggling to communicate effectively. Experiment with 3 new ideas you have taken from this module and note down the results.
  • CREATE.​ A collection of your role models in communication. What can you learn from each of them, and incorporate into your repertoire?
  • CHANGE​. Tell a peer/ your manager or someone in your network about the change you are looking to make in your communication style. Solicit feedback on that specific behaviour.


of our clients would recommend Alpha to a colleague or peer


of a cohort was promoted within 2 years after participating in an Alpha course.


of participants felt more confident in their role, following an Alpha commercial leadership course.

Why study with Alpha?

Innovation and creativity born from experience

We are thought leaders in instructional and learning journey design and holistic solution architects. We have extensive finance and investments experience combined with skills application to deliver performance improving results. We develop immersive learning environments that maximize time to productivity, support talent retention and added value to improving quality of hires.

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We are focused on mining the embedded organisational intellectual capital for the benefit of the next generation. We create and curate best in class practice gathered from our experience with the leading financial institutions. We design our programmes with the end in mind – what results are you trying to achieve with this intervention? What metrics will we set ourselves to achieve that?

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Quality and innovation, using current market and industry best practices, have made us a trusted partner in delivering dynamic and motivating training for the financial and capital markets. Our programmes are generation proof and responsive to evolving learner needs and styles. Our solutions use a multi-stakeholder engagement strategy that expands beyond relationships between the learner and learning provider. We create connections with managers, peers and the wider business to drive impactful return on investment..

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