Cyber Security Introduction

Equip your employees with the skills and competencies to become a valued member of the cyber security team.

This Cyber Security Introduction course is based on the BCS Level 4 Certificate included in the Cyber Security Technologist apprenticeship.

There is an option to include an informal exam at the end of this course.


This is a classroom course (which can also be delivered virtually) for new employees working in Cyber Security.

It introduces employees working in risk analyst roles who want to develop their skills in identifying and responding to cyber threats, hazards, and risks to protect an organisation’s I.T. systems.

Learning Outcomes

The course covers:

  • Why information and cyber security are important to business and to society
  • The terminology and basic concepts of cyber security
  • Security assurance concepts and practices
  • How to apply basic security concepts
  • Security concepts applied to ICT infrastructure
  • Common sources of threat and attach techniques
  • Cyber defence techniques
  • Legislation, standards, regulations and ethical standards relevant to cyber security
  • How to keep up with the threat landscape
  • Trends on cyber security and the value of analysing future trends

Course Content

  • The impact of security incidents within an organisation
  • The impact of security incidents on different types of organisations
  • How threats and vulnerabilities create risk
  • How risk is recorded and the risk register
  • Sources of threats and the capability motivation and opportunity of each
  • Environmental hazards and how inadequate system design and maintenance create risk
  • How the organisation’s culture and security objectives govern the types of controls selected
  • How risk appetite is determined and the risk treatments are available
  • Trusted and trustworthy when applied to information security assurance
  • The different approach to assurance
  • Penetration testing
  • Benefits and limitations of the different extrinsic assurance methods
  • The use of intrinsic assurance
  • Security objectives and security requirements
  • Common vulnerabilities in computer networks and systems
  • Computer, network and the internet building blocks
  • Typical architecture of computers, networks and the internet
  • The main attach techniques
  • Insider threats
  • Factors affecting negative and positive cyber security environments
  • Attach techniques combined with motive and opportunity
  • Environmental hazards compared to attacks
  • The main defensive techniques
  • The MITRE ATT&CK model
  • Cyber security standards and regulations
  • The role of laws and regulations
  • The uptake of security standards
  • UK and international law
  • The legal responsibility of system users
  • Ethics, codes of conduct and professional bodies
  • Horizon scanning and diversity
  • Trends in cyber security and their significance
  • The value and risk of analysing future trends


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