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Our range of ESG learning solutions are designed to support your employees in developing knowledge, skills and application that are aligned with the environmental, social and governance requirements that impact investment.


Our flexible ESG learning solutions come with personalised micro-credential qualifications that are delivered in bite-sized modules.

What’s unique to our offering, and because we don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to learning, is that our training solutions are bespoke and tailored to your business needs, giving you the flexibility to choose the levels and courses suitable for your business.

Four ESG learning pathways make up our learning solutions – fundamentals, factors, solutions and strategies. Each of these are further broken down into a range of bite-sized courses that illustrate proficiency in particular skills.

Upon completing our ESG training, as well as gaining a micro-credential qualification that meets industry-specific standards, your employees will understand how to:

  • Initiate ESG related changes in behaviour, company policies and practices
  • Identify ESG opportunities and risks in financial analysis and investment based on data
  • Monitor investments based on ESG characteristics

“A question for every company, every financial institution, every asset manager, pension fund or insurer: what’s your plan?”

Bank of England Chief, Mark Carney


To ensure that you receive a high-quality experience and learning management support across your global operations, our approach to learning and development is; to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your needs.

All of our training programmes are:


Our series of learning pathways are flexible and modularised to enable all areas of the business the opportunity to identify a route that’s suitable for your employees.


Our expert practitioners tailor each programme according to the specifics of your services and products to ensure your employees gain a maximum learning experience.


Our global operation means that we can deliver multi-hub solutions consistently and flexibly to meet your demands.


We have a micro-credentialing approach to developing capability that is measurable, trackable and provides you with a KPI to report on skill development.


Throughout their training, your employees will have the opportunity to learn through discussion, case studies, practical applications, interactive ‘chat’ and whiteboard activities to experience a unique, targeted development opportunity.

We provide four levels of ESG solutions that are further broken down into bite-sized courses. Each course enables an enhanced learning experience for your employees and have been designed by experts to allow you to choose the levels and courses to suit your business needs.

Learners can create their personalised course from any of the four levels and receive a micro-credential qualification.

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Level one provides learners with an introduction to ESG Investing, the evidence supporting it and familiarity with the stakeholders influencing practice.


Level three delves into how ESG can be incorporated into reporting and data sources, stock screening and selection, fixed income solutions, investment opportunities and more.


Level two provides an understanding of the Environmental, Social and Governance issues that are addressed by ESG investing and how these are quantified by data vendors.


Level four looks at communicating with investors, the quantitative impact of including ESG within an asset allocation, valuation models, AI, data science and more.


We have a human approach to learning and development and all of our programmes have been designed with the key challenges of online learning in mind.

All of our courses and training sessions are designed to deliver transferrable skills for each learner, and come with recognised micro-credentials.

Our training solutions are designed exclusively for the financial, professional and insurance sectors to ensure each learner receives the training and knowledge they need to grow within the industry.

In 2020, we successfully delivered online training solutions to over 10,000 learners as efficiently as we would have if they were in-class.

“Words cannot express the thanks and gratitude I have for your brilliant team of trainers and learning professionals. I want to thank team Alpha for the many impressive ways you have helped our businesses over the last 12 months. From fielding last-minute high-volume requests to thoughtful well executed training programs. It has been remarkable to witness our teams in action. Delivering flawlessly with such tenacity and creativity.”

Global Early Careers lead at one of America’s leading banks


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