“An Open Culture Supports Employee Wellbeing” – Rebecca Gosling, HR Manager

‘We respect and value others by communicating appropriately, openly and with honesty.’

This is one of our core values at Alpha Development. An open culture supports employee wellbeing and our employee feedback during Mental Health Awareness week supports this. Whether employees are working with colleagues, partners, or clients, honesty and openness are vital.

The importance of openness on employee wellbeing

It’s evident that good mental health boosts employee morale. It improves retention, reduces sickness absence, increases employee efficiency, and supports the team’s overall positive energy and culture. Bad mental health, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. During Mental Health Awareness Week, Alpha Development ran a range of internal wellbeing-related training sessions to build upon our Open value. One session included our new Resilience Training Programme by Rachel Lyons, which focused on a range of tools and techniques to keep our stress at an optimal level. “Resilience Training couldn’t have come at a better time,” said Priscilla Chua, Account Director at Alpha. “It’s our busiest time of year, so the training presented a good reminder on how to perform at our peak.”

Some of the key topics during the week encouraged employees to ask themselves:

  • What can they change in their way of working to prevent employee stress?
  • How can they better manage stressful situations?
  • What can they do to understand themselves and their colleagues as individuals?

It wasn’t a surprise when the answers to these questions revolved around openness, better communication, and honesty – all of which outline the strong link towards employee wellbeing.

Happy employees are 12% more productive than unhappy ones.
Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Did You Know..


million working days have been lost in the UK because of poor mental health


billion Mental ill-health costs US businesses as much as $100 billion each year*, and the UK, £45 billion**


% Nearly 50% of American workers have suffered from mental health issues since the pandemic began, and 55% have said it has affected their work

Every organisation has a mission. Ours is to become the most trusted financial training provider. By encouraging our employees to live and breathe this value of openness, we are able to support their mental health, and in turn, continue to grow towards our mission.

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