Virtual Intern Program: Engaging future talent across the full summer experience

Our client, one of the leading banks in America, partnered with us to keep their interns engaged throughout their whole summer internship.

We have worked with the bank for several years, training interns for a number of days before they hit the desk for their multi-week experience in the office.

With no office to go to in 2020, we needed to support the entire intern experience on behalf of our client.

The team are so friendly and pleasant to work with, everyone is very professional and keen to help us. Building a relationship over the past couple of years helps us to feel like the Alpha team are even more able to understand our needs and provide more proactive solutions.

The Challenge

From what was originally a 4-day in-class technical training programme designed for 100 Global Markets and Research interns, our client asked us to shift objectives and support over 2,500 interns worldwide.

The bank was committed to ensuring that all interns, no matter what country or time-zone they were in, were provided with the same globally consistent learning experience, with three key objectives in mind to ensure the interns could:

  • Increase their knowledge in their respective fields and be desk-ready when assigned desks and various projects
  • Be provided with a social platform where interns were able to network whilst also exchanging knowledge between peers
  • Make a positive impact when they did hit their respective desk with the knowledge acquired through the training

“We thrive on our strong relationships with our clients. It’s a vital part of understanding their key objectives to ensure our learning programmes are tailored to meet their needs and timescales.” – Jilan Shah, Relationship Manager

Like many businesses, the bank adapted their strategy as a response to the global pandemic, working with us to re-design a new training programme that can be delivered effectively within the virtual world.

The Solution

Alpha Development addressed all aspects of the banks’ requirements across a tailored 3-week programme specifically designed to suit our clients’ objectives and requirements.

We shaped the elements of the banks’ core curriculum in the first week which was delivered to all interns through several group projects. We also held supported learning sessions which allowed for cross-track collaboration and brought together diverse backgrounds to work on project solutions.

The second and third week were focused on technical training for numerous Intern Tracks, where each day was broken down into 90-minute learning blocks supplemented by case studies, group assignments, side of desk assignments, trading simulations and daily quizzes.

Cohorts also formed learning groups where they could actively engage in discussions on challenges and changes in the market and the impacts this could have on the business.

The Impact

Our tailored learning enabled the bank to deliver on its promise of a world class internship experience albeit in a virtual environment by providing the interns with a perfect springboard into the world of banking having acquired the technical and professional skills to apply into the real world.

How future-ready are you?

We specialise in providing bespoke training solutions exclusively for professional and financial services worldwide. Our programmes come with interactive training solutions with real-life scenarios to ensure your employees are able to adapt, transform and be future-ready as we move into a new way of working.

Whether you’re going back to the office or implementing a flexible, hybrid way of working, we can help. Discuss your employee learning and development requirements with us and discover how Alpha Development can support your strategy towards a future-ready, thriving workforce.

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