Early Careers and Graduate Programmes 

Streamline the early careers talent Journey: bridge the gaps.

Don’t settle for disjointed silos in the early careers talent attraction and retention journey. Explore the opportunity for L&D teams to create seamless learning experiences that span each phase of early careers. Transform the entire graduate development journey into a more human-centered experience fostering community, connections, collaboration, and continuous learning.

In today’s interconnected market, your graduate talent must possess depth in various domains. Our early careers courses offer a solid foundation in metaskills, supplemented by in-depth dives into role-specific domains.

Early Careers at Alpha


Our early careers programme design focusses on giving your talent the education, experience and exposure required to build a long-term career across various functional areas of the firm. We provide a holistic development plan that supports multiple areas of expertise as a base for collaboration and innovation with the overall goal of developing talent who understand the mandate of your organisation.

Our proven workflow empowers you to deliver valuable change that extends beyond curriculum development and alignment. ​ 

We use a design thinking approach when developing learning experiences and programmes that encourage active participation and engagement of all stakeholders contributing to the success of your early careers talent. The process allows your talent development professionals to put themselves in the learners’ shoes and ultimately helps to create an experience that benefits both the firm and the incoming talent. 

Modular training for early careers

Modular Training

Our early careers training programme is modular and utilises a variety of training methodologies and learning technology. Delivering adaptive learning journeys it helps raise the level of technical and commercial skills throughout the division and accelerates the careers of talented employees. 

Our rigorously tested methodology for graduate development is designed to outperform the agreed bottom-line success criteria for your organisation.

Phase 1: Consultancy and Discovery

  • Core business objectives and desired outcomes defined at all levels/ for all stakeholder groups
  • Engagement and communication strategies defined for all stakeholders
  • Alignment to your valued behaviours, leadership agreements, skills framework and business objectives
  • Partnership methodology: Why are we doing this? How will we do it? What will we do?

Phase 2: Design and Development

  • Establish capabilities that can be addressed through developing skills and behaviours across the population
  • Research and development of organisation/ sector specific case studies and core content on request
  • Participant engagement strategies and tools agreed for all elements: e.g. classroom, online, virtual, coaching, video, business projects

Phase 3: Delivery, sustained development and ROI

  • Maximise return through sustained engagement and targeted off-boarding programme elements
  • Develop mechanisms to share best practice across learning cohorts
  • Map and report performance against specific role development objectives and agreed soft/ hard metrics
  • Review, assess and improve curriculum performance against all agreed milestones

Programme Management

Our programme management provision acts as an extension of your learning and development enterprise.

It is an experienced and well-resourced infrastructure that is responsible for maintaining a range of processes and functions to deliver your programmes seamlessly and without the need for any further investment in people, process or technology from your organisation.

The team are so friendly and pleasant to work with, everyone is very professional and keen to help us. Building a relationship over the past couple of years helps us to feel like the Alpha team are even more able to understand our needs and provide more proactive solutions.
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