Talent and Global Leadership

Leadership skills are universal across industries. But your firm’s challenges are very specific: pressure from regulators, stakeholders and staff retention drives the need for innovative leadership. We live and breathe your leadership ambitions. Many programmes fail because of a disconnect from the day to day operating environment of the learner. As practitioners with years of experience in financial and professional services firms, we have been there and done the job, in organisations just like yours. We know this is what it takes to succeed.


Delivering strong candidates for next-level promotion with enhanced team and personal leadership awareness. Develop strategic perspective.

We focus on innovative commercial thinking, creating successful solutions leading informational change.

Connects front-to-back, cross-regional and functional networks that collaborate to deliver innovative business solutions.

Better cross-border and cross-functional networking.

Sharper thinking and problem-solving skills.

Rapid personal development.

Higher personal commitment to the firm.

Leadership potential is developed and subjected to rigorous stress testing.

We incorporate the ‘Business Challenge’ element where participants are tasked with solving real-life, strategic, cross-border, cross functional challenges for your firm.

This element alone more than pays for the programme costs, in terms of efficiency savings, risk management improvements and cost-effectiveness versus external consultants.



Indicative Learning Outcomes

• You understand the terminology and concepts and are aware of any drivers supporting this activity.

• You can put this activity into practice.

• You can carry out this activity to the expected standard when straightforward, following advice and guidance as necessary.

• You know where to source guidance and information regarding this activity and use this confidently.

• You can identify when things are generally being done as they should and you can spot if things are not right.

• You can judge your own limits with regards to this activity and, if appropriate, who to defer to in the event of needing further advice.

Indicative Learning Outcomes

• You are knowledgeable on this subject and are capable of explaining it to a range of different audiences.

• You have extensive experience of this activity in both straightforward and complex situations.

• You can deal effectively with difficult or complex issues relating to this activity and both propose and evaluate alternative solutions.

• You can make decisions confidently regarding this activity.

• You can provide guidance, instruction and advice to others and may provide mentoring and/or coaching about this activity.

Indicative Learning Outcomes

• You have a detailed level of knowledge relating to the activity and its application in many and varied circumstances.

• You are able to share your knowledge with others and have done so on many occasions with a wide range of audiences.

• You can solve highly complex problems independently relating to this activity and may have set new related standards and industry benchmarks.

• You routinely provide authoritative guidance, instruction and advice to others.

• You may contribute to the development of industry policy, standards and guidelines relating to this activity.

• You may be called upon as an expert witness in relation to this activity.

• You may deliver training and education to others on this activity at all levels of competence.


Developing Organisational Capability

  • Organisational Culture
  • Inspiring Leadership
  • Communicating the vision
  • Building high-performance teams
  • Coaching for success
  • Motivating individuals
  • Developing talent

Leadership Development Forums

  • Strategic Leadership Workshop (Level 1)
  • Senior Leadership Skills (Level 2)
  • Leading High Potential Teams
  • Leadership Excellence: The Leading Edge Programme
  • Leading Transformational Change

Leading Self

  • Leadership styles
  • Personal Impact
  • Communicating with impact
  • Self-awareness
  • Authenticity and Integrity

Transition & Transformation

  • Leading through ambiguity
  • Change management
  • Adaptive leadership
  • Strategic thinking and decision making

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