Campus Recruitment Solutions

Simplifying campus recruitment.

In the world of campus recruitment for financial services, standing out is crucial. Your company’s brand and values must shine in a sea of choices. Evaluating and maintaining consistent communication with candidates demands considerable recruitment resources and time investment.

Our solution empowers campus recruitment teams to establish early-stage awareness within the financial services sector and reinforce your brand. We tackle the ongoing challenges related to the early stages of the talent pipeline*, team dynamics, processes, and time constraints, ensuring you secure the best new talent for your organisation.

* (A-Level/ Grade 12, ACT/ SAT/ AP, International Baccalaureate or freshman/ 1st year university students)

Campus recruitment solutions


We disrupt traditional financial services recruitment methods via a creative approach that combines thought-provoking content based on real-world case studies, and can include simulated, gamified experiences.

Targeted towards young talent in full time education, an Alpha programme provides candidates with an insight into what it is like to work within a global financial service institution and how well suited they are to a role, informing career choice.

We support candidates and campus recruitment teams through all work experience stages from attraction through bridging the gap between the theory and practice, to selection and on-going relationship development ahead of recruitment.


The Pillars of Our Campus Recruitment Solutions

Campus Campaigns

We utilise a range of designed activities to assess and measure talent, to drive awareness of your brand and to ensure you stay connected with and retain the best, most suited people.


Technology enabled simulations that provide insight into the day in the life of multiple roles within a financial institution.

Work Experience Programmes

Compounded multi-tier learning and assessment programs that simulate the life on the desk of a business function.


Stimulating the creative ability of candidates and providing highly insightful data on your talent’s problem solving and risk-taking attributes.


Generating enthusiasm for roles with events that integrate gamification, competition and rich performance analytics.


A multi-dimensional approach to measuring and assessing talent. Partnerships with MindmetrIQ and others.

Keep Warm Campaigns

Targeted personalised programs to keep in touch with potential candidates and making sure your institution stays uppermost in their minds.

Performance Analytics:

Maximising your ROI on campus programs with rich and tailored recruitment analytics.

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