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Alpha Development is a BCS accredited provider for both professional qualifications and apprenticeships programmes.

Whether you are an individual looking to achieve a certification for your professional development, or an employer who needs to develop the skills of several members of staff, we can provide you with a cost-effective training solution.

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What the package includes

  • Four x3 day workshops
  • BCS workbook
  • Remote invigilation of your exam in the week after the workshop
  • One re-sit per subject
  • Coaching session before the oral exam
  • BCS membership



 Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis  12th – 14th June 2022  £1,500
 Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice  12th – 14th July 2022  £1,500
 Practitioner Certificate in Requirements Engineering  12th – 14th September 2022  £1,500
 Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes  12th – 14th October 2022  £1,500
 Oral exam coaching session  TBC  £500
 Workbook  £45
 BCS Membership  £44
 Total £6,589
 £2,900 (saving £3,689)

Learning Journey


Workshops are 3 or 4 days long and are delivered remotely by our experienced tutors. All our trainers have passed our Train the Virtual Trainer programme to ensure that the content is engaging and interactive. You will be given plenty of opportunity to apply what you have learnt as there are knowledge checks and quizzes throughout. You will take a mock exam on the final day to test out your knowledge and you’ll have the opportunity to review your answers and ask any questions you might have.


Exams are taken remotely in the week following the workshop. This means you can take the exam from the comfort of your home, at a time that suits you best.


Once you have passed all four BCS certificates you will attend a group coaching session to prepare you for the oral exam.

Oral Exam

You will discuss your Business Analysis experience and what you have learnt over the course of the programme with two examiners. This lasts 50 minutes and is virtual. A pass means that you are awarded the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.

100,000 people across the world hold BCS business analysis certifications

The Four Modules In This Programme

1. Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis

  • The role and competencies of a Business Analyst
  • Investigation techniques, including interviews,
    eliciting, analysing, validating, documenting and
    observations, workshops and prototyping
    managing requirements.
  • How to categorise, analyse and manage
  • How to model business processes
    Making a business and financial case and
    assessing feasibility
  • How to establish, document and model

2. Practitioner Certiicate in Business Analysis Practice

The syllabus covers how to develop a business
strategy and how to explore a business issue. You’ll
learn how to apply a range of business analysis
techniques and look at a range of issues including:
The strategic context

  • How to analyse stakeholder perspectives
  • How to analyse and model business activities
  • How to identify potential solutions
  • How to make the business case

3. Practitioner Certificate in Requirements Engineering

YOU’ll learn how to take a systematic approach to eliciting, analysing, validating, documenting and observations, workshops and prototyping managing requirements. The certificate includes:

  • An introduction to the requirements engineering process
  • The hierarchy of requirements
  • How to identify stakeholders in the requirements process
  • How to elicit requirements
  • Modeling, designing and analysing requirements
  • Requirements management

4. Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes

You’ll study how to investigate, model, analyse and
improve business processes. The certificate includes:

  • The context for business processing modelling
  • The organisational model for processes
  • How to model business processes
  • How to document tasks
  • Evaluating and improving business processes

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